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RIP Sifu Richard Bustillo

Posted by Jay on March 30, 2017 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

HAVOC JKD offers deep condolences to family, friemds amd students of "The Iron Drahon" Sifu Bustillo - one of the last Disciples of the Dragon has returned to the Source

Hell On Legs - Grappling Seminar!

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Myself and my dear friend & brother Kev Davey -("Paddy Quinn" from TV show "Hell on Wheels") are teaching a joint martial arts seminar for April 29th 

It'll take place at the Havoc/Esteem Martial Arts studio in the southeast of Calgary, it'll be 4 to 5 hours duration (with a break for lunch, obviously), and it'll be open to anyone - regardless of their ability or experience - from total novices to advanced students.

What will you learn? Well let's put it this way - between us we have over 70 years experience. Kev's specialty is MMA-oriented Jujitsu - or as some call it, Kev-jitsu - andyou all know my pedigree :)

So in short - hopefully you'll learn lots!

But it's not just about the training - it's also about like-minded people coming together, making connections, and training as one

The cost is $50 in advance or $60 on the door and will be a TON of fun!

Cry HAVOC!!! And let slip the Dogs of War!!!

Catch as Catch Can Wrestling now available in Calgary!

Posted by Jay on January 23, 2017 at 12:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Good Morning War Dogs!

I am PROUD to announce that Esteem Martial Arts & HAVOC JKD are now OFFICIAL representatives of Coach Harry Smith for "Bulldog Catch Wrestling" right here in Calgary!

A 2x NAGA champ, Professional wrestler and Catch Wrestling Coach under the legendary Billy Robinson, Coahc Harry has been a valued advisor and teacher to HAVOC for several years now, and he is one of my favourite teachers. As well as being one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet he is a grappling wizard!

Stay tuned for more EXCITING news about Coach Harry and Team Esteem! 

Cry HAVOC!!!! And let slip the BULLDOGS of War!!!

HAVOC JKD is proud to announce our first International School

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As the founder of HAVOC JKD I am absolutely meticulous- some would say "obsessed: - with having techniques that have been tested and proven in real encounters. I leave nothing to theory or chance. This approach is even more important when it comes to selecting my instructors. It is my honour and privilege to have Sifu Simon Sheridan represent HAVOC in the UK.

He is a consummate professional and a patient instructor who has taught every level from raw beginners to competitive fighters and they all walk away with increased knowledge.

I heartily endorse him and his training and personally guarantee that he WILL help you reach your own potential

Cry HAVOC!!! And let slip the Dogs of War!

Blessed Yule!

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Blessed Yule from all at HAVOC JKD!

2017 is set to be a landmark year for us so stay tuned!

Love and light to you and yours always!

The Hound

Singh is Nearly here!!!

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Hello everyone!

Sifu Singh is nearly with us for the Great Northern Retreat, and WHAT a retreat it will be!!

Spaces are nearly all gone but there are still a few available so do NOT miss out on what is guaranteed to be an amazing training experience!!!!

Blessed Samhain - no classes tonight!

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The Wheel has turned,

The Veil has thinned!

Blessed Samhain!!!

2016 Great Northern Retreat - Do NOT miss out!!!!

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Hello War Dogs!




The 2016 Great Northern Retreat is nearly upon us and WHAT an event it will be this year!!! For anyone that has trained with Singh before you will understand how amazing this seminar will be....and for those who haven't prepare yourself for the BEST training you can receive - bar none!




In this incredible 2 days of cutting edge training you wil learn:




Wing Chun - The Nucleus of JKD



Fillipino Kali - Attribute Development Drills



BJJ, Wrestling, Tai Chi and Kinomutai - REAL groundfighting!




Street Savate - beautiful & deadly art of Boot-based Kicking




 Plus much more!




Only $200 for both days, or $125 for individual days




Sifu Singh is sought internationally by Martial artists, Military Units & Law Enforcement training groups who want to increase their combat efficiency, but he is also a renowed motivational speaker who has addressed TeD Talks and has recently compeleted a lecture seminar he gave at Jack Canfield's retreat



Truly a Teacher of Teachers this seminar is one you simply CANNOT afford to miss if you are serious about your Physical, Mental and Spiritual development!




ALL styles and ability levels welcome - bring friends, bring family, bring ANYONE who you want to acheive their own potential!!!




Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Have an AWESOME Thanksgiving War Dogs!

No classes Monday, spend time with family and friends instead....I wills ee you all Wedensday 

The Hound

Class sabbatical

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Reminder - no JKD classes until Wednesday 28th September!