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Why I left PFS - part 2

Posted by Jay on October 1, 2012 at 6:05 PM

I addressed this issue in an earlier blog entry, and to be honest it was something that I considered over and done. They went their way (good luck to all) and we went ours.


Then you see absolute classless drivel like this posted :-


Hey, whatever happened to ‘Harwinder the Pretender’? Why our little folically challenged conman thought he was Al Pacino in Oceans 13, (Fire Paul Vunak from PFS and take over the company!) Really? And of course the whole thing blew up in him's little hairless face, relegating our poor, unemployed Ghandi to his previous career…Gold digging from his rich wife. That’s the short answer.


This is actually taken directly from www.fighting.net


I cannot believe that as an organisation they are actually unable to move on with their lives. This is like the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend that keeps ringing you up and leaving messages saying how much they hate your guts and never want to see you again....yet they keep ringing and leaving the same messages


Singh left for damn good reasons - and I went with him for damn good reasons. As good as Vu is as a martial artist, it is abject hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy to engage in this type of behaviour whilst trotting out dollar-store philosophy about "conflicting emotions"


I still have friends in PFS, and I remain as balanced as I can - but I shall not let racist, slanted and out and out lies go unanswered. You know the REAL reason Singh left?

Google "Restraining Order Against Paul Vunak" and click on the link to bullshido.com


Then read it and draw your own conclusions. That is not someone I consider worth associating with Personally or Professionally. SIngh has ALWAYS been there for me as an Instructor, friend and brother - he MADE the DOM for goodness sake! Until that point PFS had tried and failed countless times to get of the ground and many Senior guys left in droves......I think we can guess why now


I will always be loyal to my students and friends - but only if you deserve that loyalty. I face danger and death as a part of my job - I am held to a higher standard and I expect nothing less from those around me. I do not need a name attached to me or to cling to former glories to give myself credibility - I live by my actions and deeds


THAT is why I chose to go with Singh, and why I will always be with him.


In strength



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Reply John
3:06 AM on February 23, 2016 
Paul Vunak is clearly mentally unstable, made all the more evident but that ridiculous video he uploaded trying to explain himself. I have never witnessed so much unprofessionalism from a highly respected martial artist in my life. And this is coming from a guy who once trained krav maga under a right wing homophobic nut job. I am absolutely dying to know what Dan Inosanto thinks of him now. He's an amazingly talented martial artist, it's a shame that the same talent didn't carry over to basic manners and self composure. This guy literally just said he wanted to bang a handicapped kid's mom and felt absolutely no shame in admitting that....