Class Schedule

We teach out of Esteem Martial Arts - #7-7005 18 St SE, Calgary

 If you are interested in starting training contact us for further details and we will be delighted to answer any questions you have


At HAVOC JKD we are proud of the product we offer and offer several pricing levels depending on your time and your budget. We do NOT believe in contracts or locking you in to a price - if you like what we offer you will stay; if not you will not and a contract will not alter this one way or the other. 

To this end we offer a FREE WEEK of training to ALL new students

 This will give you a sense of all the classes we offer and then we will discuss which price plan suits you better. There is NO hard sell from us and NO long term commitment on your part - we will simply find out what works best for you

 Click HERE to arrange your week trail!