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Good morning War Dogs!!

It has been a MONUMENTALLY busy few months for yours truly, so the lack of blog entries reflects that! However, I HAD to tell you all of this EPIC event coming up!!

We have Lyte Burly of "52 Blocks" fame coming up for the FIRST TIME OUTSIDE THE US and teaching here in Calgary - this is a great opportunity to get exposure to a modern system from the US that places it's roots in the streets and the jail system. Often the subject of rumor and speculation, this is a chance to actually train with one of the few exponents to demonstrate publicly

$100 for the two days ($75 to War Dog members) this is GREAT value for what you will be getting training wise - email Chad to reserve your place


Interview with The Hound

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Hey Everyone!

Here is a link to an interview i did with "The Bulldog" Sifu Simon Sherdian on Martial Arts Planet - read and enjoy, because it was fun to do this one


2018 - It's ON!!

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Happy New Year to all!!!

2017 is gone - and good riddance - so now we face another New Year filled with opportunity and potential. - will this be YOUR year? It certainly will be for HAVOC because it is the Year of the Dog....aka "The Year of the Hound!"

So much good stuff going on I don't know where to start but here goes.....

1) IPT - this year I have TOTALLY overhauled the PT. It is going to be a YEAR LONG process involving video reference library, weekly lessons and personal video tutorials based around individual development. The year end will culminate in a testing process. This is a FULL ON commitment, not a weekend course and you WILL be all the better for it!

The cost for the IPT is $1100 and that includes all video and wrtitten materials as well as Instructor testing - contact me with any questions

2) Sifu Singh is here!!!!!! The Great Northern Retreat will take place in April this year - Singh IS the best in the business; period! There is no one like him around and we are SO lucky to have him here as often as we do...precise details to follow but this will be a highlight of the year.

3)Speaking of the best, Sensei John Titchen is here again in October with his SIM Day and Applied Karate seminars. John is a HAVOC training advisor and is sought out around the world for his knowledge and insights. His ability to place traditional martial arts within a modern framework is unparralled and the last seminar he taught here in Canada was a HUGE hit - do NOT miss the chance this time round!

4) "Aftermath: Dark" is being held this year. This will be the most intense of the Aftermath series of lectures and focuses upon legal, ethical and physcial considerations in application of Lethal Force in Self-Protection encounters. It is the most serious subject matter I teach and is ADULTS ONLY

5) Wanna wrestle ya pencil necked geek? My old coach "Dynamite" Dan Myers has agreed to teach us an introduction to the wonderful art of Professional wrestling. Truly a unique experience this will give you a much deeper appreciation for the sheer artistry and skill that goes into a professional match

And there is SO much more to come too!! I hope you had a good break and are well rested - because you will need ALL the energy you can muster for what lies ahead!

Cry HAVOC!!!! And let slip the Dogs of War!!!!!



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You know sometimes in life you have to stop, take pause and look at where you are to see exactly how far you have come! 

Take this picture - here we have a scared and skinny, pasty kid from Manchester (who once quit karate because he was knocked out) all grown up and in the company of two of the BEST martial artists on the face of the planet - Grandmaster Darren Tibon of Angels Disciples and Professor James Hundon of UMAA......It's humbling and a little awe inspiring to be around such men, but to actually be classed as their friend and brother?

Mind = Blown

Martial Arts has been such a massive part of helping me overcome my fears, my doubts and my demons and my journey is not even close to being over. I guess when you are facing the right way all you have to do is keep moving forward! When I attend seminars or when I get to hang out with men of this calibre I learn SO much from them, but I am often told that they learn from me too. This is not to brag, but more to say that if the BEST can learn from someone else then you certainly can!

The phrase "I have always wanted to.." should never have "but" attached as a qualifier. If you want to do something you will find a way; if not you will find an excuse. So many people put off starting their journey in martial arts with the usual excuses - "too old", "Too unfit", "too busy" - in fact there are as many reasons as arts, and every single one of them is absolute hogwash! Get out there and do it!

Then you too can be the "grinning eedjit" stood next to the worlds best!

"Living on the Edge" - Knife defense seminar

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The tragic number of high-profile knife attacks at home and abroad recently have led to a plethora of Mcdojo artists with no actual experience shamelessly cashing in on people's fear and there is so much nonsense- and dangerous nonsense at that - currently being propogated as "self defense against a knife". I have to try and show people what REAL edged weapon defense, so I am doing what I said I never would - teach a knife defense seminar

I cannot teach you to easily defeat a knife wielding assailant...anyone saying they can is full of shit. But what I CAN do is increase you chances of surviving such an encounter

Seminar will cover.....

*Knife & edged weapon efficiacy

*Common attacks

*Ambush attacks

*Concealment of weapons

*sensitivity drills to maximize attributes

*"Battle Proven" knife tactics

*Legal and moral implications

This is NOT just another seminar on weapons - it will be real, it will be gritty and at times it will be downright terrifying. Knives are a genuine danger and threat to ANYONE facing them - pretending otherwise helps no one and gives false confidence...the worst confidence of all. I offer no promises, no nonsense and no unicorns and rainbows - what I DO offer is legitimate training for one of the scariest encounters you may face