Only those listed are qualified Instructors - if you do not see a person they do NOT hold any rank with HAVOC JKD.  If you do not see your name listed and think it should be here, or if there is any concerns with someone claiming a certification in HAVOC please contact Sifu Jay  

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Sifu Jay Cooper - Master Instructor "The Hound"

Sifu Prinesh Singh - Senior Instructor "The Ronin"

Sifu Simon Sheridan - Instructor "The Bulldog"

Sensei Sarah-Jade - Instructor "The Morrigan"

Sifu Ken Willis - Instructor "The Manimal"

Sifu Ernest Chong - Apprentice Instructor "The Bonecracker"

Sifu Harinder Singh - Master Instructor

Professor James Hundon - Master Instructor 


Back in the day, an Apprenticeship was a system of training a new generation of practitioners in a structured competency within a basic set of skills. To be successful, the individual must have perseverance, ambition, and initiative. Like a college education, the successful completion of an apprenticeship term does not come easily, but is the result of hard work on the part of the apprentice. 

Instructors in HAVOC JKD  have a rigorous testing and training process that takes place over several days to ensure that these standards are maintained. In addition it is a requirement that each Instructor MUST requalify annually in order to maintain their status. HAVOC JKD remains one of the few systems where gaining a rank does not mean you get to keep it - like a blade that dulls over time it needs sharpening in order to remain useful.

Candidates for Apprentice Instructor - the first of the ranks - are identified by their performance in class. This is a mixture of physical prowess, temperament and spirit. Identified candidates will then be invited to participate in the Instructor Training course. On occasion the course can be offered to non-students, but this is with express permission of Sifu Jay after he has spoken with the prospective candidate at length.

The Instructor Performance Training course (IPT) is a year long training endeavor comprised of class time, one on one consultations, video lessons and homework. This is followed by a 4 hr examination. 

If successfully completed then an individual is qualified at the appropriate Instructor rank level and is registered with HAVOC JKD as such. This does not mean that these individuals are qualified Jeet Kune Do authorities! It simply means that the individual has my blessing to teach what they know. Throughout this process of personal growth I am there to assist with any difficulties or questions that arise with regards to techniques, syllabus and teaching. By the process of teaching Jeet Kune Do Concepts, any student is accelerating their personal growth tenfold.

Rest assured if you are successful in attaining a rank in HAVOC you will KNOW that you have earned it and can state so with pride

HAVOC Ranking has 4 levels -

 Apprentice Instructor 

The Apprentice may teach the Apprentice Syllabus under the guidance of Instructor or Above


An Instructor may teach the HAVOC syllabus independently. Instructors may promote to Apprentice Level with approval from Sifu Jay

Senior Instructor 

The Senior Instructor has full autonomy to vary in the syllabus as they desire. Senior Instructors can promote to Apprentice without approval.

Master Instructor 

The Master Instructor has actively contributed to the HAVOC syllabus - very, very few will make this grade