Sifu Jay Cooper - "The Hound"

"Sifu Jay Cooper is one of the most complete martial artists I have come across. He is a consummate professional and is the total package. He has the ability to reach any student with his very approachable teaching style. Jay has many combat experiences from his International Law Enforcement Background. He is able to bring these street lessons into the class room for his students giving them a unique edge. 

Jay is well versed in all the ranges of combat - Kicking, Punching, Trapping, Grappling, & Weapons. He is also well versed in Street vs Sport vs Traditional applications of the martial arts, and can provide you with a unique experience tailored for your needs.

He is a life long student and practitioner of the martial arts with a keen eye for technical and functional detail. 

I have personally selected Jay to represent me and the JKDAA as our Law Enforcement Training Officer. He is also the Canadian Regional Training Officer responsible for growing and spreading JKD in Canada.

Above all, he is a man of value and great character. A true warrior that walks the walk and talks the talk. I am honored to call him my brother, student, and close advisor.

Please feel free to contact me personally for any further questions about Jay. I will be happy to help."

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal
Founder & President of JKDAA

Certifications and Achievements:
Master Instructor & Founder - HAVOC JKD
Canadian Director - JKDAA
Law Enforcement Training Officer - JKDAA 
Full Instructor JKD - JKDAA 
Coach Level 1 - JKDAA 
Military JKD/SpecOps Kali  Level 5.0 - JKDAA 
Instructor of the Year 2015 - JKDAA 
Senior Instructor JKD - PFS 

3rd Dan Ju Jitsu (Gendai)
2nd Dan Ashiita kai Martial Arts
2nd Dan Freestyle
2nd Dan Budo
1st Dan Karate (Shotokan)
1st Dan ROSS
Certified Self-Protection Instructor
Assistant Coach - Bulldog Catch Wrestling


Jay's training started over 25 years ago when an incident with three bullies led him to train in Shukokai Karate. After his initial training he spread his wings and started to train in Ju-Jitsu and kickboxing, soon achieving his Dan grade. From then on in, it was a chance encounter that led to him to viewing "the Straight Blast" video tape from the "JKD Streetfighting Series" and the knowledge therein changed him and his training forever.

A long time advocate of the Jeet Kune Do philosophy ?Absorb what is useful and reject what is useless then add what is your own? , Jay constantly seeks to increase his knowledge and skills ? a quest that continues to this day

He has trained in many disciplines with Black-Belt grades in Ju-Jitsu , Budo, Karate, Freestyle and R.O.S.S.. He is also a qualified Instructor of Self-Protection, and has acted as a TAZER Instructor and a Police Subject Control Tactics Instructor. Jay specializes in combat psychology, preemptive action and conflict aftermath; something he feels most systems do not address in any way shape or form. 

In addition to his training under Sifu Harinder Singh, Jay has trained extensively in other art forms including boxing, catch-wrestling and Ju-Jitsu under many teachers. Most notably:

Jeet Kune Do/Brazilian Ju-Jitsu
w/ Jack McVicker (Multiple time world BJJ and Pan Am champion)

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu w/ Chen Moraes
(3rd degree black belt, 2x European Champion and British Champion)

Jeet Kune Do w/ Lee Banda
(world stick fighting champion)

Muay Thai w/ Mick Dempster
(Multiple British, European and World Kickboxing and Muay Thai champion)

Jeet Kune Do/Sambo/ROSS w/ Steve Crutchley
(World Bronze medalist).

Catch Wrestling w/ Coach Harry Smith
(Coach w/ Billy Robinson, NAGA champion and Pro Wrestler)

Jay has also trained with world renowned martial artists
Dan Inosanto, Francis Fong, Royce Gracie, Richard BustilloErik Paulson, Marc McFann, Marcel Louzado, Darren Tibon, James Hundon, Jon WardJusto Dieguez Serrano, Danny Guba, Chad Sawyer and Matthew Clempner

Jay has over 18 years experience as an LEO and has tested his skills in the toughest environments imaginable and has also instructed fellow officers, military personnel and bouncers.

In 2013 Sifu Singh honored Jay by appointing him Canadian Director for the JKDAA - something Jay humbly accepted. Sifu Singh also promoted Jay to "Senior Instructor" rank at the July 2013 "Great Northern Retreat" In Calgary, Alberta.

In August of 2015 at the 2nd Annual JKDAA Expo in California, Jay was awarded the title of "Instructor of the Year" 

 As Jay says "Working in environments when I cannot afford to have any doubts or questions about my abilities, what I do has to work and work well. To that end I have always sought out the most pragmatic and effective techniques and teachers. I am proud to represent Sifu Singh and teach Contemporary Jeet Kune Do to all my students. To me it represents the absolute pinnacle of the science of Personal Protection & Development" 


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