Sifu Prinesh Singh - "The Ronin"

Sifu Prinesh - or "P-Dog" as his friends call him, has been a long time friend and training partner of Sifu Jay. With over 20 years experience in the arts he has trained with a "who's who" of martial artists, including "Crafty Dog" Guro Marc Denny, Mark Mikita, Sifu Harinder Singh and many, many more.

 When asked to describe him,  Sifu Jay says "P is one of the toughest fighters I know- he is a friend and a brother and one of the best training partners I have ever had. P-Dog is someone who has been a tremendous aid in the development of HAVOC and we are the steel that sharpen each other"

 A patient teacher with a warm and approachable manner he can make anyone a better practitioner. With years of real life, practical application of his skillset in potentially deadly encounters, it is little wonder he is  he is the first ever SENIOR INSTRUCTOR in the HAVOC JKD System.


 Senior Instructor JKD - HAVOC JKD

Phase 1 Instructor JKD - PFS 

Level 3 Spec Ops Kali - JKDAA